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I'm trying to make peace with the new Weight Watchers Points Plus program

Obesity can be an ugly word, especially when it's tacked onto a description of yourself.  I know, because Weight I've been there and I'm trying to shed that word as part of my personal description. 

As a member of the first class of baby-boomers who turn 65 this years, I am coming face-to-face with the importance of staying healthy.  As a glaucoma patient, I've gotten to know the pharmacists at the neighborhood Walgreens well enough.  I don't need to give them any more business.

That's where Weight Watchers Online and their new Points Plus Program comes in.  Three years ago super-wife and I fully engaged in the old version of the program.  I started with the scales getting mighty close to 240.  I got it down to a few pounds under 200 and then the new Points Plus program started.

That threw me into a weight loss tail spin.  I was totally familiar with the old program and I knew exactly what and how much I could eat to stay satisfied and maintain my weight.  The new program changed everything.  The stuff that helped me maintain and keep me satisfied jumped dramatically in point value while I could eat all the fruit I wanted for zero points. 

I gained about six plus pounds.  But I knew I couldn't afford to go back to my old weight. 

I'm trying to re-engage in the new program.  I dug out my old Exacto knife and tried to carve out my attitude about the changes.  I've ruthlessly recorded everything I've eaten.  The results?  Check the photo.  It's coming.  Now I just have to keep it going.

Any other baby-boomers experiencing similar challenges?  I know I'm not alone regardless of the program or the effort.