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LETTER TO MY GRANDSON: Spending the day in Frankenmuth and eating chicken at Zehnders

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dear Xavier,

In a few minutes, I'm going to jump in the shower and you're going to go for your morning nap before we ride over to Frankenmuth to have lunch with my Aunt Aileen and Uncle Ron.  We will eat at a restaurant, Zehnders, famous for its chicken dinners and German food.

Bythemirror2 I just want to write you a short note about this neat little town and the area surrounding it.  Since you are barely one year-old, you might like some reminders of what we did and what we saw and why it might be important to you. 

As your maternal grandfather, this general area of Michigan played an important role in my life.  I grew-up just north of Frankenmuth in Bay City, right on the Saginaw Bay.  This is generally thought of as the jumping-off point to go to the northern part of the state. 

But more important, it was the historical starting point in the state for the church that I grew up in, the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.  Many people describe it as a German Lutheran Church.  Many people from Germany moved to this country in the 1800s and settled in the Frankenmuth area with some moving away from the location to start other churches.

On the southern end of Frankenmuth, there's a big store called Bronners, started by a Lutheran family and sells nothing but items to help people sell items to help you celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Maybe we can go there today.

The two big restaurants are Zehnders where we are going and the Bavarian Inn across the street.  They both are famous around the state and country.

You'll enjoy meeting my Aunt Aileen and Uncle Ron.  My aunt is 86 and my uncle is 89.  They are extraordinary people who have lots of stories to tell that are worth listening to.

Xavier, I love you.  Always remember, "You are a winner."  And never forget that Jesus loves you.

Grandpa Thorp