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Wall Street Journal raises question about conservatives giving next year's election to Obama

Just got this from Mike Allen's Politico newsletter which quotes the Wall Street Journal about whether conservative Republicans in Washington, D.C. are giving next year's election to President Obama. There's a time to compromise and this seems to be it for conservatives.  Here's the Wall Street Journal excerpt:

--WSJ lead editorial, "The GOP's Reality Test: Republicans who oppose Boehner's debt deal are playing into Obama's hands": "[T]hanks to the President's overreaching on taxes, Mr. Boehner now has the GOP positioned in sight of a political and policy victory. If his plan or something close to it becomes law, Democrats will have conceded more spending cuts than they thought possible, and without getting the GOP to raise taxes and without being able to blame Republicans for a debt-limit crackup or economic damage. If conservatives defeat the Boehner plan, they'll not only undermine their House majority. They'll go far to re-electing Mr. Obama and making the entitlement state that much harder to reform."