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"Thank-you God for the news I got today from my father's family"

Super-son quoted in Associated Press story about Washington, D.C. earthquake

I was sitting in front of my computer in a McDonalds in Dewitt just north of Lansing when I saw the news breaking about the Washington, D.C. earthquake.  I looked for my son on "I-M" to hear how he was affected at his office near the White House.  I got no response and then found his wife on chat where she talked about the shaking and the precautions she was taking.

There were no injuries and visible damage was minimal, but the shaking was memorable for midwesterners not used to earthquakes.

My son Just was quoted in an Associated Press story about how he got home that day and how he navigated through the hundreds of thousands trying to leave the downtown area.  Here's the top of the quote and click here for the rest of the story.