Online registration and payment of fees at Michigan public schools
Do you have the right to record video of a political townhall?

What about Michigan limiting cash welfare payments to four years?

Statewide, 11,188 adults and 29,707 children will lose their benefits in just over five weeks. By September 2012, there will be 13,789 families to drop off the rolls, said Sheryl Thompson, acting deputy director of field operations for the Department of Human Services.


What will Michigan's 4-year-limit on cash welfare limits mean for those who receive them and will be dropped?

Did the committees in the Michigan Legislature just take testimony from the professional advocates for the poor who make handsome salaries or did they actually hear from those affected?

Did any of the news media write stories or do profiles of those affected?

There's a whole community of professional advocates for the poor in Lansing whose sole job is to perpetuate programs for the poor. Does their getting a big paycheck to do this affect their credibility on this issue?