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Is Gov. Rick Perry of Texas a real conservative or a phony?

“It’s legal plunder,” said state Representative David Simpson, a Longview Republican backed by Tea Party activists.

“You can’t avoid the appearance of impropriety when you take money from everyone and you give it to a select few,” said the first-term lawmaker. He opposes using tax money for business and said he voted against the school funding deal Perry signed.

via www.bloomberg.com

The national news media is starting to lift up Gov. Rick Perry's political skirt and voters are starting to get a fuller view of this candidate for the Republican nomination for president.

Click on the above link to a Bloomberg story about how Perry is using Texas taxpayers' money to give cash grants to select businesses who promise to create jobs.

And as stories show, much of the money goes to campaign contributors to the governor. Sounds like "pay to play."

Tea Party folks should be holding this guy at arms length at the very least. Don't you think?