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Are voters being bullied into believing that Lansing City Council-member Carol Wood is an obstructionist?

There's a kind of, sort of campaign going on right now for Lansing (MI) City Council.  Why do I describe it that way?

The main target seems to be incumbent Council-member Carol Wood who asks questions when the city administration makes proposals.  She wants to know the "who, what, when, where, how, why and so what" of their proposals often made at the last minute before some deadline.

I've watched city council meetings on local television for the past three years and I have talked to her on many different occasions.  

Nobody during this campaign period is giving evidence of her being an obstructionist.  There's lots of name-calling and lots of ridicule, but there's not a serious discussion.

Check this WKAR Radio story describing how the city hall establishment and local Chamber of Commerce are fighting her and City Council-member Derrick Quinney with the obstructionist label.