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Getting ready for church in Port Au Prince, Haiti

I remember going to church on our first Sunday in Haiti exactly one year ago.  I hope I never forget getting up in an orphanage filled with noisy children who had either lost or been abadoned by their families.  As we crossed the small compound, they would reach out with their hands wanting to be picked-up.  Their eyes were windows to a world that most never experience.

Our bus driver Leonard drove us through the heart of Port Au Prince where thousands of men, women and children were dressed in their Sunday clothes with Bibles in hand walking to church.  Exhaust from the vehicles on the road was borderline nauseating.  

It's hard to imagine that they had more than two sets of clothes, one for Sundays and the other for everyday.  

The church was on the side of an inner-city hill and its outward appearance it was very humble, but inside it was a cathederal of hope.  Everybody in the service introduced themselves to us and shook our hands and they shared their Creole hymnals during the singing.  The liturgy was an occasion for them to shout out their faith in God and to state their hope in Jesus.

They had so little.  In fact, they had almost nothing, except down deep, we saw that they had everything.  They were free.  Check this video from the Billy Graham Evangelism Association about how they are sharing the Gospel there this year.