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Happy Anniversary to Krista and Adam, my daughter and son-in-law!

Dear Xavier,
Your grandma and I are thinking about you and your family today as your mom and dad celebrate their third wedding anniversary. You might be only 15 months old but you can help them "hoop and holler" a little bit to let the world know.

Because of that day when they got married and committed their lives to each other and to God, you are part of a special family. You have a mom and dad handpicked for you.

When we come to visit you in the spring, I can tell you about their wedding and how I walked your mom down the aisle and handed her off to your father.

They are special people. They love you very much. I have all kinds of neat stories about your mom. I was there when she was born and I was part of her growing-up. I've gotten to know your dad pretty well too and I'm impressed with his love for you and your mom.

Today's a day for cake and ice cream or some suitable substitute.

When your mom and your Uncle Justin were growing-up, they were an important part of celebrating our wedding anniversaries. And you need to carry on the tradition.

You need to know that Grandma Thorp and I went to your favorite store last Sunday--the Apple Store--in the Woodland Mall in Grand Rapids. Will I have a new computer to show you when we visit? Not yet, but I'm looking.

I love you big man.

Grandpa Thorp

Oct 4, 2011