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Parents in the city of Detroit should be raising hell about these class sizes

The Detroit News reports that some teachers are tasked with controlling rooms filled with more students than they can reasonably handle. With 54 kids in one kindergarten class, such as in a Nolan Elementary School classroom, it's a sure bet that even the best teacher can't do more than manage behavior.

The problem isn't only affecting lower grades. Recently, a science class at Finney High School was swamped with 72 students, according to the Detroit Federation of Teachers.


Think about the class sizes in your local school district. Some can get kind of high with 30-40 kids which makes the ability to teach and learn questionable.

Then take a look at the class sizes in these Detroit Public School classrooms.

What about 54 kids in a kindergarten classroom? How would that work? Would you want your kindergartener in that class? Shouldn't parents be kicking some serious butt?