Two words if you are thinking about letting your home go to foreclosure: deficiency judgement
Who's to blame for the illiteracy in Michigan, teachers and/or parents?

What will keep the city of Lansing, Michigan's Capital city from unravelling?

Check this story from the Lansing State Journal about the financial morass that the city of Lansing finds itself in and the decision voters face next month to raise the millage on property taxes to pay for police and fire protection.

The city's struggling as more and more people leave Lansing either through foreclosures or for a variety of other reasons including the perception that its schools are at best mediocre and, at worst, sub par.  

Now Mayor Virg Bernero is telling residents to either pass the millage or face further cuts in the police department.  That's as the city faces more and more perceived crime involving violence

There seems to be a huge disconnect between residents and city hall, the mayor and city council.  

What's the answer?  I wish I knew.  Maybe a crisis of some sort.