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Getting ready for the Food Network's Chopped, air in my Honda Civic Tires and tendonitis of the shoulder


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While cleaning off my computer desktop, I ran into these pictures one of which made me smile, two made me quizzical and one made me sore.

One is of my grandson in Bosnia  who tries his hand at playing with rice, mixing it, transferring it from bowl to bowl and just having fun.  His dad likes to cook and he's good at it.  Might my grandson be a Food Netowrk star in the making?

The second two are from my checking the air pressure of the tires today on my Honda Civic.  The door panel says both front and back should have 32 psi.  All four had 26 when I checked.  What's that all about?  At a gas station just down the road, it cost a buck to fill all four tires.  How often do you check your tires?

The last one was of the sign of the Physical Therapy office I went to yesterday where the therapist is trying to ease the pain in one shoulder because of tendonitis.  For the past couple weeks the Extra Strength Tylenol bottle has joined my inner circle of friends.