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Trying to decide what I learned from the Seven Churches of Revelation

AdaWhat about your church?  What about my church?  

How would they compare to the seven churches mentioned in the Bible's book of Revelation?  

Super-wife and I listened to and pondered eight sermons about these churches at Ada Bible Church where we were astounded by how similar their challenges were to those in our culture.  Pastor Jeff Manion used the sermons to examine the lives of individual Christians rather than look at churches as a whole.

The challenge after hearing him talk about the last church--Laodicea--is how to make this personal to each of us and to operationalize this in our lives.  

I have lots of questions and thoughts after the sermons, but I have one big one that I haven't heard an answer to.  

Each of these churches got a letter written to them in Revelation.  How did they respond to the affirmation and then the criticism?  Did this make a difference for them?  How has these letters affected Christians down through the ages?

What difference did these sermons make at our church?  It's hard to gauge this because the place is so huge.  It would be helpful is worshippers had a place to talk about the sermons.  I know there are small groups.  But they have their limits.