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Will the state of Michigan do a better job with the city of Flint?

The state of Michigan will more than likely take over the operation of the city of Flint. Check this story on  It's a once mighty city in our state that has fallen into a severe state of need.  It wasn't that long ago that it was the incubator for automotive innovation and manufacturing.  This is where General Motors got started and where it flourished.

When the plants closed, the city deteriorated.  Now its without money for the basic services of a city and violent crime is a fact of life.

The state has declared that the city is in a state of financial emergency.  Next step is to appoint an emergency financial manager who will be a one man government.  The city council wil have no power.  Union contracts can be tossed out.  Total control goes to the manger yet to be named.

What are the steps needed to bring Flint back to vitality?  Is there any evidence that the state can do this better?  What would happen if this city was left to figure own the solution on its own?