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How would this Newt Gingrich television commercial play in Michigan?

Michigan should have presidential selection caucuses like Iowa

I just read the story linked on the Drudge Report about how Newt Gingrich is ahead in the Iowa polls leading up to that state's partisan caucuses where delegates to the Republican National Convention are ultimately picked.

How many of you are familiar with how that process works?

It sounds like fun and much more participatory to meet with other Republicans from my precinct, listen to each candidate's pitch and then put my selection of a blank piece of paper.  It would feel more engaging to get together with neighbors to hear their thoughts and to ask questions.

How does it work in Iowa?  I found this piece from Wikipedia which provides a lot of details about the process and how successful caucus-goers have been in picking ultmate winners at the national convention

Why hasn't Michigan tried this?  Would this be a state party decision?