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This song will help daily life in Michigan suck less--Little Drummer Boy by Sean Quigley

Many people in Michigan are waking up this morning and feeling various levels of despair.  Read this Michigan State University poll as described in this mLive story and you'll see results that show people are not liking what's going on in our state right now.  They are not seeing hope for the future.

How do you relieve that?  How does one recalibrate and reset the compass in a direction where true hope is more evident?

Check out this rendition of Little Drummer Boy by Sean Quigley of Winnipeg, a high school student who produced this music video.  The Little Drummer Boy he sings about has nothing to give to the baby Jesus other than his drumming.  He gives everything he has.

As we approach Christmas in Michigan, it seems like local churches are hiding Jesus behind closed doors. They are hiding the only true hope.  Living in the heart of our state, I'm seeing the church from a broader perspective.  It's more than a building.  It's all believers.

Today as I go to physical therapy for a hurting shoulder and then have lunch with a good friend, I'll be thinking about what I can give to Jesus whose birthday we will be celebrating.  Check out this video from Sean Quigley.  What do you think?