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Most important thing I could ever share as articulated by Jeff Manion of Ada Bible Church

What do you do when you struggle with your personal identity?

What does this mean?  Maybe you just retired and when from somebody with an important job to being somebody with no job.  Maybe your nest just emptied out and your identity as a parent just took a dramatic shift.  Maybe your health just took a dive after being healthy all your life.

For me, I let myself be defined all my life by having a father who abandoned me and my mother and never came back.  I never even got a hello from him or any kind of acknowledgement ever.  That became a big part of my core identity and greatly affected the way I viewed myself.

Last September, I heard Jeff Manion of Ada Bible Church just down the road from us give a sermon about personal identity.  It helped me reset my internal compass.  Click here for a video link to what he said:

 Jeff manion