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Check out what these NFL players in today's Super Bowl have to say about Jesus Christ



In less than twelve hours, we will join the rest of the country and much of the world in watching the New Englland Patriots and New York Giants go at it in the Super Bowl in Indianapolis.  Who are these players? What makes them tick?


Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos is not the only believer in Jesus Christ.  Check these other players from both teams who talk about their faith and what it means to them.  I'm impressed.  

These guys spend their lives in an occupation where it's not manly to talk about your faith in God.  There's the perception of wild parties with gladiators living it up.  Apparently, it's not true.

What would happen if our political leaders stood up like this and confessed their faith, rather than bleating about what they do and what the other side doesn't do?  That would make an impression.  How would people respond?