My Uncle Ralph changed his zip code to heaven
A snow blower video for my 19-month old grandson Xavier

Checking to see if my son, Justin, reads my blog

Actually, I'm pretty sure that my son Justin, at least, checks the titles on my blog posts and reads some

along the way and as he has time for.  But, to see if he's reading my blog this morning, I have an offer for him.

I read an excerpt of a book this weekend that he would absolutely love, Inside Apple by Adam Lashinsky of Fortune magazine.

It outlines the corporate culture at Apple and gives great examples of how it works and anecdotes about the premium it puts on secrecy.  Wow.  It even keeps employees from different groups from talking with each other about what they are working on.  The place doesn't sound like much fun.  It sounds more like one big closed-up religion.

It reminds me of the first twelve episodes of Homeland with Clare Danes that I watched on Showtime. There's plenty of reason to be paranoid, apparently, if you work at Apple.

My deal for Justin:  If you read this and you haven't read the book and if you are interested in reading it, can I buy it for you on Kindle.  It would be a for national "You're a Great Son" day.  And then you can lend it back to me when you're done.  Looks like a great book to read on the beach.