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Cinnamon and God on a Monday morning in mid-Michigan

My first stopping point on the web in the morning is usually the Radio Bible Class website where there is a feast of devotional materials about God, the Bible and daily living.  I usually go first to the online version of Our Daily Bread to jumpstart my thoughts about my relationship to God.


Today, it was written by Bill Crowder, one of their regular staffers and writers who wrote today about his love of cinnamon everything and he mentioned how he never gave much thought about where it came from until he ran across the fact that most comes from Sri Lanka.


Then he talks about how quite often he fails to think about the source of all the good things in his life.  He talks about his family and how they've been a gift.

This morning I'm reminded of last week when I was asked how many members were in my immediate family.  It started with two and we are now at seven and if I count Latte The Pup, it's eight.  They are verification of James 1:17 where God talks about the source of all good things.