I was just looking for an excuse to buy the book "Inside Apple" for my son
Doing this is probably more important than voting this year

Here's an answer to all the political and cultural acrimony in our state and country

It's really easy to become discouraged with all the polarization and acrimony in our culture today. Whether you're in church or in a coffeeshop, bring up the economy, unions, the Right, the Left, the Legislature or the Congress, you feel like you're in the middle of a firefight in a war zone.  

There's minimal respect for other points of view and there's name-calling that would never be allowed on the playground.  It seems like everything that can possibly be done to discourage sincere interest in politics is being done.  What's the answer?

While I was going through the various offerings for today on the Radio Bible Class website, I found this video by Joe Stowell, the president of Cornerstone University.  He talks about the importance of not being distracted by the noise of the world from the fact that Jesus Christ is coming again.  We are to stay centered on him.  The challenge is how do I work this into the fabric of my thoughts and actions.