Doing this is probably more important than voting this year
As a Roman Catholic, is Rick Santorum a real Christian?

How would $5 per gallon gas like Los Angeles affect Michigan's fragile economy?

In a couple of hours, we will get in our car and drive about 45 minutes to church and on the way we will drive by our neighborhood Shell station where gas is hovering at the $3.69 per gallon level.

What if gas rose to $5 per gallon in our state like Los Angelese that is mentioned in this news story?  Would we have to pick a church closer to our home?  Would it affect our gasoline dependent economy in this state? Anybody in the state legislature planning for this eventuality?

We vote on the presidential primary on Tuesday.  Which candidate has a shot of developing and implementing an energy plan that can get us through this?  I'm not seeing it.  Prospects don't look bright.