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Madonna and I were born in the same hospital in Bay City, Michigan



Just saw Madonna's half-time show from the Super Bowl and I wonder if she gets her magnetic attraction and entertainment abilities from where she was born, Bay City, Michigan.

It's a gateway town right at the bottom of the Saginaw Bay where travelers stop on their way Up North.

It's a feisty place that gained its foothold in history as a logging town that grew into a manufacturing hub where car plants dominated along with a shipbuilder that made guided missle destroyers still in service.

Go to Wikipedia and look up Guy Lombardo, a famous band leader, and it was in Bay City that he had his race boats made.

I was born at the same hospital as Madonna.  After her birth she and her family moved to the Detroit area. Her dad now has a winery in the Traverse City area.

But she got her start in a town that epitomizes true grit.