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Can the city of Detroit be saved from its free fall crash into bankruptcy?

It's easy to ignore what's happening in the city of Detroit as it struggles for its life, especially if you don't live there.  But there are lots of reasons to follow what's happening there.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who live there and whose daily life is affected by a city on Detroit the edge of being ungovernable.  The state is a few hours away from taking control of a city that doesn't want to be controlled.  The state is on a path to appointing a financial manager to supercede the mayor and the city council.  The manager will have the power to do just about everything.

How will the Motor City react when the state of Michigan comes marching into a city that has gone through hell in the past several decades with crime and with public corruption and the loss of a whole lot of jobs?  

Read this story from today's Detroit Free Press about everyday people and how they are reacting.  Also check the mention of city streets where street lights don't work because the city can afford to fix them. Here's the Detroit News story summarizing the city's and the state's positions and their next moves. 

We all have a stake in what's happening there.  What other cities in Michigan are heading towards bankruptcy?