It's hard to use my new Honda 525S snowblower when it's in the 60s in mid-Michigan
How do you find perspective in life when you're staring death in the eye?

Check this Forbes magazine interview with my daughter-in-law, Lauren Thorp, about Umba Box


Lauren and forbes

My daughter-in-law Lauren is changing her world one Umba Box at a time.  It's about her new business where subscribers pay her to send them the best of the best handcrafted items for women.  She started it last year and since then it has gotten media attention around the country.


Check this interview in where she's interviewed about her experience as a new entrepeneur, especially as a woman breaking into the business world.  

I'm really impressed with her insightful answers to the questions and to her whole business approach.  It's worth a read and Umba Box is worth a look.