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Do you look at your register receipt when checking out of Wal-Marts or Meijer?

The Michigan Legislature torched the state's item pricing law about a year ago.  This required retailers to put a price sticker on most everything on their shelves.

With most stores using price scanners, you have a way to check to see if you were being overcharged.  State lawmakers said they removed this requirement because it was too expensive for businesses.

A lawmaker from the Detroit-area,  Rep. Douglas Geiss, D-Taylor, illustrated the challenge in protecting yourself from being charged too much when he bought a package of nuts.  The price should have been three-plus dollars and he was charged ten-plus.

He took the store where he purchased the nuts-Wal-Mart-to court and won.  He won $250 plus legal costs.

How about you?  Do you check your register tapes?  What do you do to protect yourself from being overcharged?