My meeting with God about James 4:1-10 and about genealogy of Jesus
Do I really believe that God's strength is made perfect in my weakness?

How informed should a person be about what's happening in the news?

Visiting my Clydesdale friends in St. Louis
I grew up loving newspapers.  As a young boy, I would read my hometown paper, the Bay City Times and as I got older I added to that list with the Sunday editions of the old Detroit Times and then the Free Press or News.  And then my newspaper addiction grew geometrically when I went to journalism school at MSU.

There was a time when newspapers served a solid role in providing information about what was happening around you.  In our area that could be the city council, the county commission, the state legislature and all sorts of police news.   Local and state issues were looked at with both the pros and the cons provided.

That has morphed today into big collection of online resources including newspapers and other news sources.  But, this mother lode of so-called news is laden with opinion that requires sifting through and discernment to get to a nugget of fact.

This brings me to my personal question of the day.  Am I spending too much time reading online news with a fair amount of print stuff like Time magazine?  Could I be doing something that is more profitable with my time?

Before I went to bed last night, I read an online Wall Street Journal story about the guy in France who murdered all the people and who went out in a blaze of gunfire.  How important is it that I spend 10 minutes reading this?  I read this morning about burning couches in East Lansing after last night's MSU basketball defeat.  

How important is the political news about the hissing between Romney and Santorum?  

As I try to rejigger my priorities for the next year and lop things off my daily activities, I'm looking at my consumpion of news.  

How much effort should one exert on staying informed?  An hour a day?  Two hours?  What return on investment do you get?