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It's hard to use my new Honda 525S snowblower when it's in the 60s in mid-Michigan

In January, my gut told me that I better get a new snowblower to handle all the snow we'd probably get here in the heart of mid-Michigan.  I'm not a snow person, but I've found that blowing it gives me a sense of power and it's fun.

When it snows, I usually do a big chunk of our block.  Don't tell my neighbors that it's not because I'm a good guy, but because I really get a kick out of doing it.  But, the snow never came.  And that's okay.

Look at the story from the Detroit Free Press about how it's going to reach 65 in the metro Detroit area today.  

Read through the story and you'll see that the weather man says the temps and conditions this time of the year can turn on a dime.