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Do you know about the plan for 22 more casinos for the state of Michigan?

Are there really any winners other than the owners when a casino is built in your area?

Our city of Lansing is trying to get one built downtown just a couple of blocks from the State Capitol.

Now check this proposal reported in the Lansing State Journal to build 22 more in the Great Lakes State.  Is this enthusiasm for gambling in our state due to lots of people struggling financially and who are looking for an easy way to build their personal treasuries?  Are we producing more vicitims?  

Starting my morning in Lansing, Michigan with Isaiah 53

My week is just starting and I want to keep a right focus.  That's why I went to the Radio Bible Class website which is actually a collecting point for their various sites filled with biblical devotions and resources.

I landed on their Day of Discovery site which billboards their many video productions and features their most current one on Isaiah 53.  Why does this interest me?  Three biblical scholars sit down in Israel and talk in a very understandable way about how the coming of Jesus was predicted centuries before he came. He was described in a


very detailed way, including his physical appearance, what would happen to him and his overall mission.

Why is this important?  Jesus is real. He was then and he's real now.  He offers hope and like everybody else I need all I can get and I need to have the real deal.  This video backstops that with the evidence that comes from Isaiah 53.  So, if you see me walking around Lansing with my head in my iPad, I'm trying to let the meaning of this passage seep into my heart.


Are Michigan cities becoming unsafe to live and work in?

Lansing where I live is having a tough time paying for adequate police protection for people who live and work here.  Local treasuries just don't have the bucks to pay for the cops.

What does this mean?

Check this Detroit News story published about how this is being played out around the state.  What's the result of fewer cops on the street?  More crime?

Can somebody who disagrees with me politically be my friend and not my enemy?

I remember when I had dinner with Peggy Noonan here in mid-Michigan along with three or four hundred other people.  She was the guest speaker at a local Republican event and I was smitten with how she made me think more clearly about what I believe.  That had to be more than a decade ago.

She does the same with her column in the Wall Street Journal.  In her latest offering which was published Friday, she writes about conservative journalist Andrew Breitbart who recently died.  

Noonan recounted his passionate battle with any liberaal politician or any so-called progressive.  He was in a full-time holy war and never took his foot off the throttle.  Liberals were considered by enemies by him.

Noonan comments about this attitude

But in their fight against liberalism and its demands, too many conservatives have unconsciously come to ape the left. They too became all politics all the time. Friendships were based on it, friendships were lost over it. "You agree with me? You're in. You don't? You're out." They became as good at ousting, excluding and anathematizing as Mensheviks and Bolsheviks, as Jacobins. As self-righteous, too, and as adept at dehumanizing the enemy.

It is not progress when you become what you hate, when you take on its sickest aspect.

The result is continued polarization and balkanazation of this country.  How do we swing this back in a productive way?  Is it too late?


Meet The Press Interview with Newt Gingrich today deserves a look

This interview with Newt Gingrich on Meet The Press today deserves a look.  Newt provides a good, solid answer to David Gregory's question about the whole contraception hullaballoo over a statement by talk radio's Rush Limbaugh.  Nobody's being denied access to contraception.  Everybody agree?

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