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Resetting my spiritual compass on a Sunday morning in mid-Michigan

It's Sunday morning and it's about an hour or so before I start getting ready for church.  I find myself in need of resetting my spiritual compass to regain a proper focus on my life and the direction that I was to go.  With everything happening all around, it's easy to get distracted.

To help with that process this morning and many other mornings, I went to the BillyGraham.org website. As a young child, I remember watching his crusades on a small black & white television in our very humble living room.  My mother who faced impossible odds to support us and who worked incredibly hard would stop everything to hear his message.  I know that she found hope in what he had to say.

This morning I watched an online video summary of his ministry as seen after 60 years.  His message has touched people around the world.  I find it like a set of spiritual booster cables attached to the terminals on my soul.