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We are learning how to enjoy being long-distance grandparents

How many of you are long-distance grandparents?

We are and our long distance is more than a few states away.  Our grandson Xavier, our daughter Krista and her husband Adam live in Bosnia.  That's a long plane ride away, another one across the Alps and then a car ride from Croatia to their home.

How do you maintain family closeness when there's such a distance?  We've not found a way to duplicate family dinners that take three hours because of lots of table talk that could be about anything from "A" to "Z" with a fair amount of politics and current events mixed in.

But, we have made great use of online video chats using Facebook, Google Plus and Skype.  Last Saturday, we visited for more than an hour with our grandson trying to feed us Cheerios through the computer and where we got some terrific news.  Our daughter is pregnant with her second child.  That means more news, more family happenings and all that good family stuff.

Xavier with chalk