Some thoughts as I start blogging about our trip to Bosnia, Croatia and Hungary
Here's where I spent Palm Sunday in Bosnia

Homes we saw in Bosnia were heated by burning in a wood stove


Home heating woodpile at one of my daughter's neighbors.

Driving by homes in Bosnia kind of reminds you of driving through northern Michigan where many homes depend on burning cut wood for some or all of their heat.  

 Home after home had their own generously endowed woodpile where people of all ages could be seen with an arm full of logs to stoke their furnaces.  Heat from the fire then goes through duct work and to a system of cast iron radiators which are reasonably warm as long as the fire doesn't cool down.

Our daughter and son-in-law's flat on the side of a steep hill leading to serious mountains has registers which were warm during the day and when the fire weakened during the night their home got cool.

During a coffeeshop conversation, one of the Livno residents said that the country freely cuts down the trees and uses them to burn.  But, it is doing

The wood furnace that heats my daughter's family home.

nothing to replant and replace those trees.  


Sounds like a tailor-made situation for the Michigan State University Department of Forestry that has led the way in helping our state and others keep a continuing supply of trees for all kinds of uses.

Have countries that rely on wood for home heating ever run out of wood?  What happens then?  There seemed to be a lack of concern about that in various conversations.  

Bosnia government seems to be suffering from an inertia that comes from being split among various ethnic groups to administer and lead.