Watch my grandson Xavier try to learn to say "Happy Mother's Day"
Here's one big item I've taken off my baby-boomer bucket list

Are you a baby-boomer still trying to figure-out what to do during your retirement?

It seems like it was just last year when my wife, daughter and son threw a surprise 60th birthday party for me where our house and backyard was filled with people who helped me cross-over into the next important phase of my life.

This year on the last day of August, I'll turn 66.  I'm going on seven full years of retirement and my point is simple.  My life seems to be zooming by.  I hesitate to imagine how quickly my trip to being 70 will go.

I've been dogged by the desire to be sure that I get to my list of things I want to do before I'm either too old or I pass from this life to the next.  And that's where the rub comes in, trying to determine what should be on my list.  I've had to shuck all kinds of things off the platter of choices.  

I know I'll never run a marathon anymore.  A bad left knee says that will never happen.  I'll never sit down and talk to my earthly-father.  I found out he's dead and he's been cremated.  I might be able to sit down with my grandson and pre-born grandaughter over a beer or a coffee and talk about life.  But what else?

With the continued clicking of my personal clock, I feel the urge to get my list settled.  I know the first item on my so-called bucket list.  It involves my relationship with God.  I know that everything in my life starts and ends there.  What does that mean?  How does that look in my day-to-day life?  I think I'm finding some of the answers.  

It helps me to write it down and then to make sure that's where I put my focus.  

How about you other retired baby-boomers?  You got this all figured out or still working on it?

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