It's too easy to write-off Michigan ballot proposals as "political bullshit"
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I'm proud to support Walt Sorg and his candidacy for the 67th House District in Michigan


That's me on the left carrying Walt's banner in the July 4th parade in Lansing.

Somebody on Facebook expressed surprise that a conservative like me would support a liberal like Walt Sorg for the Michigan House of Representatives in the 67th District.  

First, I can't actually vote for Walt because he's not in my district, but I would if he was.  Next, let me be completely open about my relationship with him.  I've known him for at least four decades give or take a couple of years.

We have worked together as reporters and on the staff of the Michigan Legislature.  We have socialized and we have helped each other when necessary.  I have seen his ups and downs and he has seen mine.

He knows how to govern and he knows that you need people from the other side to do it.  He listens and he reacts and it's not some phony exercise to create the illusion of communication.  If he disagrees, he'll let you know and he's open for continued conversation.

Walt is open and transparent.  He hasn't tried to hide that he has had bad knees or that he has struggled in keeping his weight down.  He's had financial and health challenges.  He's a real person.

He was there when I needed help cutting a tree down and he was there when I needed a place to stay when I found myself homeless for a week.

What about the philosophical differences?  What are labels worth anymore.  Mitt Romney calls himself a conservative and he was the father of the health plan in his state that President Obama used as a template nationally.  Romney says Obamacare is wrong, but it's the same as Romneycare on the state level.

Relationships are key in politics and I don't even no who's running on the Republican side in the 67th District.  I've seen Walt at every community function I've been at.  He's listening and he's talking.

I'd vote for him if he was in my district, the 68th.