Who could spit a cherry pit farther, President Obama or Mitt Romney?
I'm proud to support Walt Sorg and his candidacy for the 67th House District in Michigan

It's too easy to write-off Michigan ballot proposals as "political bullshit"

I would understand if you said your tolerance for "political bullshit" hit full a long time ago and you just want all the television commercials, robocalls and door-to-door to go away.  For much of the time, I'm there myself.  But . . .

I know that I could spend the rest of my time on the political sidelines and instead of reading about ballot proposals and candidates I could read, watch videos and look at pictures of my grandchildren, my grandson, my unborn granddaughter and grandkids yet to come.

But I've made a choice, my grandkids, my kids and my wife are still at the top of the list.  But, as part of that, I know that I have to be involved in the politics of the day in some fashion.

That includes the six ballot proposals that we will probably be asked to vote on.  I want to know the pros and the cons, the who, what, when, where, how and why and, especially, the so-what.

To start out, here's a story by Tim Martin of the Associated Press about the six proposals with bulleted point for each one.  These are important and each one has consequences.  

Don't expect me to start going door-to-door for a candidate, but I feel some involvement coming on.