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My son figures out the psychology of craft show browsing

My son and his wife spent this past weekend at a major craft show in the northwest held in Seattle. She has a company--Umba Box--that sends the best of the handmade stuff for women and sends to them every month on a subscription basis.  It has received a ton of publicity and is becoming popular around the country.

2012-07-09_0752This past weekend she had a booth at the Seattle show where crafters strutted their stuff.  Umba Box drew a crowd.  Justin was there to help.  He observed those who passed by and those who stopped at the booth.

He noticed a pattern with people walking by the booth and it centered around how far they walked from the booth.

He posted about it in his blog--Oatmeal Stout-Justin Thorp's Blog.  He's a web guy based out of Washington, D.C. and his wife Lauren is full-time with her growing company.  

If you're looking for gifts for a significant other or for yourself, then Umba Box is worth checking out, so is Justin's blog.