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Some notes and links for my class using the news to help with English conversation

REMEMBER:  Bring your wi-fi enable laptop to the class and be sure to Register.


Eventbrite - Using U.S. & world news to improve English conversation skills

These are some notes for my class at the Friendship House MSU in East Lansing to help prepare

This is me

them for my class using news stories to help gain competence and confidence with conversational English.  It starts at 6 p.m., this Wednesday, July 11 for four weeks until August 8.  

 News reports are made for conversation in this country.  Start talking about a news story and dinner can be extended another hour because of talk about what's happening in this country and around the world.

You can get tons of conversation practice asking an American about anything from the presidential campaign to MSU football.  

In this class, students will have an opportunity to read news stories and to talk about what they've read.  Most of the news stories will come from the web.  Bring your wi-fi enabled laptop.  

Here are some links to start with:

  1. Links to every online newspaper in the country:  This is from refdesk.com and will take you to every state in the country.  For Internationals who are looking at moving or have friends in other states this can be invaluable.
  2. Newseum link to the daily front pages of more than 800 newspapers around the country.  Check this out.  You can daily scan the front pages from one end of the country to the other.  
  3. Link to Politico.com, a major news site for information about the U.S. presidential campaign and about the U.S. Congress and government agencies.  This is another site worth checking out
  4. Link to Drudgereport.com which curates news stories and presents choices as links with a short description.  Some say that its founder Matt Drudge concentrates on news links unfavorable to President Obama
  5. Link to HuffingtonPost.com started by Ariana Huffington and followed by many of a more liberal political persuasion.  She's the ex-wife of a former California politician and is active on many news shows
  6. Link to the first HBO episode of The Newsroom with Jeff Daniels.  This is a great new television series about a national network television news anchor and the struggles of he and his people to present the news.  You will hear English conversation that's raw, but still very clear and concise and it's a great story.