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Tom Greene, former Michigan State Capitol reporter, deserves to be remembered for a lot of reasons

I remember when I was a very young reporter at the Michigan Capitol and Tom Greene introduced himself.  He was a big shot television correspondent for a Detroit station and he took time to take an interest in me.

It wasn't a phony insincere interest.  He always asked me about my single-mom in Bay City, especially when she got sick.  He made me feel like a real person of worth.  I guess you'd call it respect.

He died last night after many years of health challenges.  He deserves to be remembered for the big role that he played in Michigan government and politics.  He and his crew, first Larry and Art, an then others helped to keep our politicians and officials honest.  Tom could sniff out impropriety and he wasn't afraid to go after it.  And his station would run it.

His stories are legend and I'm sure forgotten by a younger crew of journalists.  

If there was a journalists Hall of Fame, he'd belong in it.  He left a big footprint on this state and I'd hate to see it get filled in by the sands of time.