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YOU VOTE: Should it be harder for the Michigan Legislature to raise your taxes?

I've been on a political fast for the past couple of years where I've felt little motivation to get involved or take a position for a variety of reasons.  I'm feeling my attitudes changing.  

My attention was drawn by a piece on the Facebook page for the Michigan League for Human Services where they write about a petition being circulated to allow voters to decide whether 2/3 of the legislaure are needed to increase taxes.  That raises the degree of difficulty to get a tax increase to almost impossible.  

There are pros and cons on this issue and I look forward to seeing them presented and argued.

Here's a start:

  1. An Action Alert from the Michigan League for Human Services warning how such a limitation could cripple public advances in our state
  2. Michigan Alliance for Prosperity Website  which is the sponsoring group behind the petitions.  A cursory glance of the site doesn't show who its sponsor are.
  3. An mLive newstory about the effort to increase the number of lawmakers required to pass an increase.