Starting my Monday morning in Michigan with the "Messiah" in a mall foodcourt
I want my grandson and his sister to know who I am

I've changed the name of my father on my birth certificate

How many of you have never known one of your parents?  

Perhaps your mom or dad just flew the coop and never came back.  They didn't call nor did they write.  Nothing.  Maybe you got your last name from that person.  Maybe you got a dimple in your chin.  There might be a few facts from the left behind parent or from an aunt and uncle and that's it.

It could have been a divorce where your parents split and you hear from your dad once a year and then it's a very short visit.  That's it.  There's so much you would like to talk about with your dad about growing up and living life, but there's nothing.  Your mom is busy working and making ends meet and she does her best.  She has nobody to go to either.

You are left to fend for yourself and you do it.  But there's always a void there that's left by your missing parent.

It's happened to lots of peope.  Most people don't like to talk about it.  They don't want to admit that they have an emotional wound that never healed.  And it leaves a big scar that touches almost every aspect of your life.

It happened to me.  My dad experience touched every area of my life.  Let me be clear, I'm not blaming my dad for anything.  I'm a fully-grown adult times three.  I take responsibility for choices I've made.

But, my story is a life lesson for kids who have been abandoned or set aside by one of their parents. I'm almost 66 and I'm finally getting it.  But finding that answer has taken me to all parts of this country, including New York City, Long Island, Punta Gorda and Gainesville.  

I've been threatened and disowned as I searched and didn't find any answers.  I've confronted myself and others.  

I still never found what I was looking for.  I've been searching all my life for some kind of acknowledgement or affirmation from my father.  Some interest in how and what I was doing and that fatherly nod of the head that I did okay.

That's when I discovered that what I was looking for was right in front of me.  It was so close that I couldn't see it.  I had found what I was looking for and I didn't realize it.  

I had a different dad.  The wrong name was on my birth certificate.  I know it would be dumb to try to have it changed.  I know the truth and so does my wife.  I'm adopted.  There's a story here and I hope I can do it justice as I share it.  

Maybe there are some kids of any age out there looking for their dads or their moms and haven't been able to find them.  Are they findable?

I found mine.