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Life is more than eating a big pretzel at the city market in Budapest, Hungary



Eating a big pretzel at the Central Market Hall in Budapest.
Great mid-morning snack in Budapest at the Central Market Hall.

It was mid-morning in Budapest, Hungary and we were walking through the Central Market Hall with our daughter, son-in-law and grandson.  That's when we ran into a food stall selling these huge soft-pretzels filled with wonderful bread flavors.


We savored the moment as we thought about where we were and all the things we had seen on our trip to visit and vacation with our kids.  It made us anxious to see more of the world to meet new people and have new experiences.

I'm thinking about these things and what I want to concentrate on as I turn 66 years-old in about 15 hours.  That means that I'm closer to seventy and I am to sixty and that I'm firmly moving into a new chapter of my life.  With fewer pages to fill in my life story, I want to make what's left count.  And I think I'm getting my hands around that.

What about other members of the first class of baby-boomers born in 1946?  Do you have a plan in mind on how you want to spend what's left of your life?  What's driving your life right now?  

With a little more age behind me, I have a firmer idea of what's important to me and what isn't.

I'd love to eat a kabab in the bazaar in Istanbul, even a big pretzel.  But, I know there are things more important.