This is what we paid for gas yesterday in East Lansing, Michigan
Baby-boomers: Do you pray with your grandchildren at their bedtime?

What are the chances of our pre-born granddaughter being a second grandson?

Super-wife and I don't talk about our pre-born granddaughter more than three or four times a day. It's usually just a quick reference to a potential gift or some other quick comment.  Any gifts for her, we have to ship about a month ahead because our daughter and family live in Bosnia.

Then I read this post by Cindy Bultema who recently told her story through a Day of Discovery DVD. She does a great job of sharing what has happened in her life.  

As a sidenote in her blog, she writes about her son's birthday a few days ago.  When she was pregnant with him, her doctor assured her that he was 100 percent sure it was a girl.  At the birth, needless to say, she and her husband were surprised.

What are the chances of that happening again?