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A few pictures of our baby-boomer summer in mid-Michigan

It has been a busy summer.  Super-wife and I have had a great time cleaning out, canning, eating on the couch in front of the television and drinking a glass of wine here and there.  Here's a few pictures.  I have more.
In the process of thinning out what is in our garage, we found some of our daughter's old trophies from grade school.

While we watched the television series Parenthood last night, we hit the bottle and this is what we drank.

In my view, Gladys is a half-step from being on the Food Network with her great cooking. This was supper a couple of nights ago.

We've been doing the apple thing lately, including this canned pie-filling. They will taste good this winter.

We are enjoying a last look at our outdoor flowerpots. It won't be long before they're gone.