Going back home for the day in Bay City, Michigan
My two-year-old grandson called me today from Bosnia

Celebrating my daughter-in-law's birthday today

Our daughter-in-law Lauren Thorp is really important to us.  She's really a special member of our family, all almost eight of us.  She and our son Justin live in Washington, D.C. and today is her birthday.

Super-wife and I will have a little extra pumpkin spice in our latte today and maybe even have a little Great Lakes Red as we watch the television series Parenthood tonight.

She's a young woman who loves God, really loves our son and who fits our family like a hand in glove.  We thank God for her and for what she had added to our son's life and to ours.

Happy Birthday Lauren!

Our son Justin and his wife Lauren
Lauren and Justin hanging out in their wine cellar at home