My Lutheran pastor friend took on the State Department about wearing his clerical collar and won
I need to memorize Psalm 46

Getting ready for our granddaughter to be born in Bosnia very soon

We are excited about our pre-born granddaughter who's expected to make her entry into this world either later this month or early November.  Super-wife loves shopping for our grandson Xavier, but has a special twinkle in her eye when he shops for little girl stuff.

Our daughter Krista and her husband Adam live and work in Bosnia.  My cellphone will never be far from my pocket when we leave home and it will have a full-charge.

When we were at Sam's Club this week, I bought my grandson a big full-color book with nothing but truck pictures.  There's all kinds of big trucks.  His two-year-old eyes really lit up every time he saw a big truck when we visted them last spring.

My daughter Krista and my son-in-law Adam

Xavier's ready for his new sister