Celebrating my daughter-in-law's birthday today
Best time of the day is our walk and talks on Lansing sidewalks

My two-year-old grandson called me today from Bosnia

This guy, my grandson, called me today from Bosnia

Somehow I had missed the call today on my iPhone 3G, but there was a very special message there from my two-year-old grandson Xavier in Bosnia.

When I listened on voicemail I knew right away that it was him.  He said, "I love you grandpa" in an almost one syllable sort of way.  Then there was another loud "grandpa."  His parents were guiding him in the background.

It's amazing how one word can have so much power to make you smile big.  I'm still smiling from hearing him on the other end of the phone calling for "grandpa."

I can't wait to see him in January when the whole family will get together for a visit. I'm excited.  I love being part of a family.  I feel like Zeke Braverman played by Craig T. Nelson on the television series Parenthood.  I'm proud of and thankful for all of them.

There's lots of stuff I want to share with Xavier.  For starters, when I see him in January, I have a big book of trucks for him that I got at Sam's Club.  When we were at his house in the spring, he loved big trucks.  This book is filled with them.  For one week, if he wants we can look at trucks.  I can't wait.

In another month, he should have a sister who my wife and I have given the code name "Stella."

Even though they live a long distance from us, I want them to know me and their Grandma Thorp.  How will that happen?  I'm working that out.