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Schwans Foods weren't concerned about the spoiled potatoes in our Spring Vegetable mix

My wife just got off the customer support instant message utility on the Schwans Food website to report to them that their Spring Vegetable Mix had a surprisingly large number of potato slices that were saturated with black spots.  This mix cost more than $7.50.

The customer support person gave my wife a phone number to call in the morning to report the spoiled veggies.  That was it.  They weren't interested in the pictures we had to show them the expensive spoilage.  

In my book, they provided less than desirable customer support.  Have any of you had a similar experience with Schwans?  How was it resolved?  Here are two of the pictures of the spoiled product:

Our Spring Vegetable Blend from Schwans Food

One of the potatoes from the Spring Vegetable Blend