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With the economic turmoil, is this a good time to travel in Europe?

Rick steves
Because of Rick Steves, I've added another item to my bucket list.  I'd like to take his guidebook for Germany and follow it step-by-step through, at least, a handful of towns and see how accurate his descriptions are.  I love how detailed his directions are about stepping out the front door of a train station and how on the immediate right there's a certain attraction.

We have purchased the DVDs of his PBS television series and we have two of his guidebooks--Germany and Budapest and I subscribe to his email newsletter and his blog.

In his email newsletter this morning, he writes about the advisability of travelling in Spain and Greece where there has been economic turmoil.  News accounts make these two countries sound like there's constant trouble in the streets.

He recommends this as a good time to travel there and that the impression from tv news has been exaggerated.  And he shares the importance of travelling in these two countries now.  It's good for the local economies.