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Don't go to Sam's Club in south Lansing for healthy Fiber One Brownies

Walking the aisles at Sam's Club in south Lansing
Super-wife and I made a Sam's Club run today for healthy snacks.

Okay baby-boomers, how many of you are past the days of eating unhealthy snacks and other food. Super-wife and I haven't had real full-blooded ice cream in a long-time.  We got to Sam's Club and get stuff like Skinny Cows and ice cream sandwich few calories and fat.  

We tried to get Fiber One Brownies today after getting them there for the past couple years.  They were no where to be found.  They've gone the way of bagel bars that they once had which were healthy.  They used to have no fat hot dogs and cheese.  It's no where to be found.

Is Costco any better?  We have one down I-94 towards Detroit.  Eating healthy is important to us.  Sam's Club is giving us less incentive to be members.

Anybody have the same experience at Sam's?