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Here's how I got to know Claire Danes from the television show Homeland

I need to fess up about getting together with Claire Danes every week for lunch.  She's the key actor on the television show Homeland.  She plays a character named Carrie Mathieson who is a CIA agent during these turbulent times.  She is also bi-polar and deeply involved in unravelling plots that involve Middle East terrorists.

This rendevous with Claire started with my friend Ken who I have lunch with every week.  We eat, talk and then usually watch an episode of a carefully-picked television series.  We've watched every episode of Prison Break, Oz, 24, some minor ones and now Homeland which has been one of the more compelling.

I've often wondered how many retired baby-boomers have a weekly lunch date with a friend.  Ken and I have been doing it for almost seven years.  Anybody longer?